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Although the IB Diploma Program was originally introduced at the Karinthy Frigyes Gimnázium to crown the bilingual studies of our own students with this broad-based, highly regarded qualification, we do welcome applications from students of other schools (countries) who are willing to work hard in the interest of achieving very good results.

Entry requirements for external candidates for IB courses are:

  1. Coming from another Hungarian school, the student has to have a certificate that attests to the accomplishment of the first 10 years of education.
  2. Coming from abroad, the student has to certify that s/he has covered all those studies that are required for an IB Diploma course in the country s/he is coming from.
  3. The applicant should fill in and return the application form by the given deadline.
  4. The applicant has to pass entrance exams, which are obligatory for all external candidates. These exams concern all subjects chosen for the applicant's IB courses and are based on the syllabus for the first two years of the four-year Hungarian gimnáziums. The exams are 45-50 minute written tests from each selected subject and are held around 20 June and at the end of August each year.
    An applicant is exempt from taking an entrance exam in
    • English language if - right before his/her IB studies - s/he has spent at least two years in an English-speaking country, where s/he attended a school with English as the language of education;
    • Language B (French, German, Russian, Spanish) if - right before his/her IB studies - s/he has spent at least one year in a country where that is the native language, where s/he attended a school with the given language as the language of education.

Attila Salamon
IB coordinator


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