The family of Karinthy

József Karinthy, officer in the Ganz factory, the father of the writer. He was an amateur philosopher. His mother, Karolina Engel, whose face he inherited. She died when Karinthy was six years old.

Etelka (Ada) played the piano well already in her childhood, and wrote poems. Later she learnt painting in the free school of Nagybánya.
Gizella, the eldest sister, graduated in a school of commerce, and became officer. She married a Norvegian; her populous family is still living there.
József Karinthy, the younger brother of Frigyes moved to Paris at an early age, and his family is still living there. He had been translating the masterpiece of Madách, the "Tragedy of the Man" into French for his whole life.

Elza wanted to be a painter as well. She died early, and Frigyes bid farewell to her in his poetic letter called "Mindszenti litánia”

Emília inherited her linguistic talent from her father, and helped her little brother Frigyes as a literary translator. All of her photos are lost.

Etel Judik

(Frigyes on New Year's Eve in 1922)

Aranka Böhm

Gábor Karinthy, the "Prince of Pain"

Ferenc (Cini) Karinthy participating on the Berlin Peace Congress in 1949