Brief Calendar for the


Academic Year




8 h Opening school assembly – 1st teaching day
5th 14.30 h Distribution of IB diplomas by Dr. Mester, László
7th 18 h School party – “School-start”
8-16th   School visit from Germany (Babenhausen)
18-23rd   Dutch exchange (13th grade from Leiden)
11th 15 h Staff meeting (for Heads of Departments)
18-27th   School visit from Germany (Frankenthal)
18th 15 h Talking with new staff
24th   Norwegian head-teachers' visit
25th 15 h Home-room teachers’ meeting
27-28th   Last-year classes on field trip
28th   Norwegian IB teachers' visit



1st   starting of the International Music Week
2nd 15 h Staff meeting (general)
  18 h Parents’ meetings, grades to be written in the Naplos!



Commemoration of Anniversary of the Heroes of Arad (executed after the War of Independence in 1849)

5th 18 h Meeting of graduate students from last year
17th 15 h Workshop for bilingual teachers
16th 18 h P.T.A. meeting



Commemoration of Anniversary of 1956 (national holiday, Revolution against the Communist Regime).

20th   Teaching day (Sat.) Karinthy-Day/s
19-20th   Karinthy-Day/s, school party
22nd   Day off
27th   Teaching day (Monday)
29th – 31st   Autumn-break (last teaching day: 27th.)



6th 15 h Staff meeting (for Heads of Departments - HD)
20th 14 h Staff meeting
  17 h Parents’-teachers’ meeting (for full staff)
15 h Department Staff meeting


17 h “Open Doors” I. (for parents of applying students)
28th 15 h Home-room teachers’ meeting
17 h “Open Doors” II. (for parents of applying students)


4th   Santa’s Visit for Staff’s children
  15 h Staff meeting (Heads of Dep.)
11th 15 h Students’ Parliament
14th 18 h Graduates' Party (no teaching for them all day)
17th   English Test for 13th grade
21st   Classes' X-mas Party, teaching up to 11.45
  15 h Staff's X-mas Party
22–Jan. 02.   Winter holidays (last teaching day: 21. )


3rd   First teaching day
  18 h PTA meeting
16th   1st semester grades in the Naplo’s
17-18th 15 h 15 h Mark-Giving Conferences
18-25th   Ski trip
21-22nd   Days off
25th 18 h Old-boys (Alumni) meeting/party
29th 15 h Staff Meeting (General)



1st 19h - 02h Parents' Ball
5th   Home-room teachers’ meeting
15th 18 h Carnival/ Valentine’s Day
19th   Staff Meeting (H.D.)
21st 14h Entrance Exams. Teaching up to 11.45.


  Commemoration of victims of the communist dictatorship.
21st 14 h Entrance Exams to KFG
26th 14 h Entrance Exams to KFG


6 - 8th   Karinthy Model UN Conference
11th   Women’s Day - celebration
14th   Commemoration of Revolution, 15th March 1848.
21-25th 14 h Spring holidays (last teaching day: 20th)


7-11th   Poetry week
8th 15 h Staff meeting (H.D.)
15th 14 h Staff meeting (home-room)
17h Teachers’-parents’ meeting
16th   Commemoration of victims of Holocaust
29th 15 h Mark-giving Conferences for graduates. Last teaching day of graduates.
30th   no teaching for graduates, others finish school at 12.45
  19.30 h "Last walk" of graduating classes


2nd   Day off

IB exams.

5-9th   Class field trips - DAYS OFF
12th 17 h Parents’ meeing (new classes)
13th 17 h Parents’ meeing (new classes)
20nd 15h Staff meeting (H.D.)
29th 15 h Staff meeting (home room)
30th afternoon   Challenge Day


6th   Test for 9th grade
5-27.   Final Exams for graduates
12nd 12 h Grades to be written in the Naplos!
13th   Last teaching day
13 h   Mark-giving Conferences for grades 9-11/12
17th 8-14h New students’ registration
20th 17 h Closing Ceremony
23th 9 h Closing staff meeting
  12 h Lunch with staff